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Margaret Dhillon Memorial


Margaret Dhillon Memorial Concert The Melbourne concert, assisted by the Margaret Dhillon Estate, is dedicated to the memory of Margaret Dhillon, who died in 2001 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s, and who played a significant role in the work of the Nataraj Cultural Centre. She was a wonderful hostess for the visiting artists.
Margaret studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music, London. In 1974, she married Mohindar Dhillon, then a Lecturer in English at the Delhi University. She was drawn to Indian classical music after hearing Ravi Shankar at a private concert in Delhi. She was loved and admired by her many friends. Though very English in her upper middle class upbringing, she was always fascinated by other cultures and new ideas. Her many interests ranged from Conservation to Russian Literature, which she taught at Queensland and Monash universities.

With her love and shrewd understanding of literature and an extremely beautiful voice, she was an inspiring teacher and broadcaster. She sought wild and beautiful places and meaning and substance in life: “Without love, nothing makes sense.” “You have to hold and to know a beautiful permanency in life, for only this substance can survive death. But if you never know it, never find it, what happens to it?”



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